Achieving balance in life is a constant dance - much like riding a unicycle. Some days it's fairly simple; other times it feels like an elaborate feat of engineering. Staying balanced is a dynamic process that requires us to always be moving forward and backward just to stay upright.

With warm sensitivity, Chris helps clients develop the awareness to keep balanced in crisis and in less stressful times. Clients describe Chris as empathic, wise, and humorous, with the ability to convey authentic belief that clients can go far beyond their self-imposed limitations in order to become in charge of their lives.

With continuous training in the newest ways to connect well as a partner, cope with anxiety, and manage depression, Chris keeps on top of the techniques that will help you get in charge of your life. In addition, Chris has special training in complicated grief & loss issues and trauma resolution and recovery.

Therapy can help when you need to respond to unexpected changes in your life or are seeking self-exploration and personal growth. It also offers support when coping skills are overwhelmed by guilt, despair, doubt or anxiety . Taking the first step toward getting help is often the most difficult; please don't hesitate to email or call, or click below to set up an appointment.

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